Company's corporate purpose

1. Development, production and marketing of innovative products and services with high technological value. All with particular regard for innovative contexts, experience, results. Further attention to the know-how gained from research and development with specific reference to the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and Industry 4.0 sectors;

2. Direction of works of engineering works in the field of ICT and Industry 4.0;

3. Directional and strategic consulting activities for companies operating in the electrical, electronic, IT, biomedical, environmental and telecommunications sectors.

4. Provision of professional engineering services related to the research, design, development, implementation, installation, maintenance and management of products or services in all sectors related to the field of ICT and Industry 4.0.

5. Offer of engineering services via the Internet.

6. Design, development, marketing, assistance and maintenance of software / hardware and, more generally, of products and services related to the ICT and Industry 4.0 sectors, aimed at optimizing and making energy consumption more efficient in both the industrial and domestic sectors.


A) Date and place of incorporation, name and address of the notary: Cosenza, 29/05/2018 - Notary Doctor Luigi De Santis - Cosenza, Via Borsellino snc;
B) Headquarters and any branch offices: Via verdi 228 - 87036 Rende;
C) The company intends to capitalize on the professional experiences of its founding members to create software platforms and related APPs useful for real-time services for the management of different issues, eg. welfare and / or welfare, educational, data analysis. Development of applications, with the implementation of ad hoc hardware, in terms of Crowdsourcing for monitoring different parameters (eg environmental).
D) List of shareholders, with transparency with respect to trust companies, holding company, with self-certification of truthfulness: Sisem srl - Silverio Carlo Spinella - Stefano Yuri Paratore.
E) List of investee companies: none.
F) Indication of the qualifications and professional experience of the members and staff working in the innovative start-up, excluding any sensitive data:

Sisem srl - Company with experience in the TLC field since 1999,
Ing. Spinella Silverio Carlo - Degree in Telecommunications Engineering - PhD in Computer Engineering, Biomedical and Telecommunications - 2nd level Master in "Management of Innovation and Information Technologies" - Author of scientific journals in the ICT sector - Experience in ICT since 2007,
Ing. Stefano Yuri Analyst - Degree in Telecommunications Engineering - PhD in Information Engineering - Author of scientific journals in the ICT sector - Experience in ICT since 2008.

G) Indication of the existence of professional, collaborative or commercial relationships with certified incubators, institutional and professional investors, universities and research centers; SISEM SRL, Ing. Spinella and Ing. Paratore are founding members of a SPIN-OFF at the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria.
H) latest deposited balance sheet, in the XBRL standard: to the current non-depositable date,
I) List of intellectual property rights on industrial and intellectual property: none at present.