Soul Trainer

Soultrainer is a platform of
online psychology and therapy.

Register and meet psychologists even in complete anonymity. All conversations are encrypted.

Who are our Consultants

Our Consultants are Psychologists, Doctors in psychological techniques or Counselors possessing a training in Counseling via the web.
If you are not comfortable with the Consultant you have been assigned, you can change it at the end of the monthly plan. Or, with the limit of only one change per month, just apply to the Administration and you will be associated with another Consultant during the trial period of seven days.


Free infoline for all registered users. Through this chat you can ask for information about the platform and clarifications about Live Chat services and Unlimited Messages.

Thematic groups

Chat for free with people who experience similar situations.

Unlimited messages

Write messages to your counselor whenever you feel you need them. You will receive at least one support response per day from Monday to Friday. This service helps you become aware of emotions and thoughts thanks to the guidance of an expert.

Live chat

A chat service lasting 45 minutes with your Consultant (4 sessions per month). Thanks to the advantage of anonymity you can talk about aspects of yourself and situations that cause you particular discomfort. At the first purchase you can take advantage of a free trial session.

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