An aid to the Tourist Guide. Immediate and flexible management. Independence from human factor. Availability 24/7.


App for smartphones/tablets. Easy implementation and management of content. Multimedia (img, txt, mp3, mp4 etc.). Easy to use (User experience). Maximum flexibility.


App + webapp to manage : Location (POI - Point of Interest). Paths (set of paths the default location settings). Content (related to IOPs). Wayfinding / Navigator. Multilingual.


iOS Smartphone/Tablet Android. Hosting, Dedicated servers, Data Storage. Cloud Platform Accessible ( WiFi, 4G etc.). Acquisition of Content. Geo-location of the site

WEB APP functions

Generation / Edit /Cancellation. POI (Location). Contents POI (multilingual). Routes (set of locations). POI on the Map. Token Association to the route. Generation / Activation /deactivation Token access for Client.

How it works

Purchase T.O Package / Agency. Transfer to the Tour Start. Delivery of a Code that activates the App for the path purchased. Navigator - View route. The audio guide is activated near the POI.

Advantages of tour operators

Reduction of the costs. Wide availability of POIs. Availability not related to the Human factor. Maximum Security & Control. Easy to insert/ modifiable content. Creation/ Immediate Change of Paths.

Advantages of the client

Maximum autonomy and flexibility in the management of the excursion. Use of standard tools (smartphones/tablets). Easy to use.